Sakhalin biologists have helped the global coffee industry

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Sakhalin biologists have contributed to the global coffee industry. Specialists of the Institute of Marine Geology and Geophysics of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences studied the peculiarities of roasting grains on gas roasters and provided a large amount of unique data to roaster specialists.

Employees of the laboratory of plant ecology and geoecology Anna Kopanina, Inna Vlasova and Anastasia Talskikh found out how the structure of coffee changes during roasting using light microscopy. They described how the structure of the grain changes every minute in the conditions of the production of specialty coffee – this is a product of premium Arabica. Detailed technical data on the study of coffee cells were published by the world’s leading scientific publisher Springer Nature in a book on fermentation. It also includes research by scientists from Japan. Yoshiharu Sakamoto (in the chapter on specialty coffee trends) and Hisashi Yamamoto (in the chapter on roasting)… This information will help anyone who prepares high-end coffee understand how to properly roast beans. In the monograph of Sakhalin scientists, for example, it is indicated that the Kenya Arabica variety is more resistant to high temperatures than the Brazilian variety and much more.

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