Saint Naum’s Day: what absolutely cannot be done on December 14

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On December 14, the Orthodox Church remembers Saint Naum, who was one of the 12 minor prophets.

According to legend, he was born in the village of Elkosha, in northern Israel. Nahum became the author of one of the Old Testament books, in which the political and religious events that took place in Israel at that time are described in detail and vividly.

In Russia, the prophet Naum was considered the patron saint of students, and was even called the Literate. In some regions of the country, from that day on, children were taught to read and write, in those families, of course, where they could afford it. Since then, beliefs have been preserved that during the lesson you can not eat anything, otherwise you can “eat” everything you have learned. And you can’t leave the book open when leaving the classroom, otherwise everything that has been learned will be quickly forgotten. Since that time, the expression has survived: “Saint Nahum, bring me to mind.”

Weather signs days they warn that if there is a north wind outside, there will soon be severe frosts, if the dogs howl, wait for snow. Well, if it’s warm today, then the winter will be the same.

Popular beliefs say that December 14 can’t look into the eyes of the beggars who ask you for money and to whom you give alms.

In addition, today you cannot leave your home after dark. On this day, it is better not to leave the house at night.

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