Saakashvili predicted Georgia’s “disappearance from world radars”

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Former President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili said that Georgia is disappearing from the world’s radars, but his name is not. He stated this in an interview with TV Pirveli.

At the same time, Saakashvili, who now holds the post of head of the executive committee of the National Council of Reforms of Ukraine, stressed that he could be a candidate for the post of prime minister of any large European country.

“But we should not talk about this, but about the fact that Georgia, as a country, will disappear. Ivanishvili (Bidzina Ivanishvili, founder of the ruling Georgian Dream party in Georgia – Ed.) Wanted my name to disappear from the world’s radars. I am very clearly on all world radars, but Georgia is not on world radars <...> Now we need mobilization and very quick actions. In these elections, Ivanishvili’s regime must be completed, ”he stressed.

In July, Saakashvili announced that he did not recognize the legitimacy of the Georgian government and would also be an active participant in the parliamentary elections to be held in the country at the end of October. After that, the Georgian Foreign Ministry summoned the Ukrainian ambassador to Tbilisi, Igor Dolgov, to explain such statements.

In turn, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry called on Tbilisi not to accept the words of “individual politicians” as the country’s position and called for cooperation.

Georgia has repeatedly expressed discontent and indignation over Kiev’s decision to appoint Saakashvili to the new post. In April, Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili announced a lack of confidence in Ukraine. In addition, Tbilisi recalled the ambassador from Kiev in protest of Saakashvili’s return to politics.

At home – in Georgia – several criminal cases have been initiated against the current head of the reform council of Ukraine, for some he has already been convicted in absentia and found guilty.

Mikhail Saakashvili left Georgia in 2013 and began political activities in Ukraine. However, he was soon stripped of his Ukrainian citizenship and expelled from the country.

After Volodymyr Zelensky became the president of Ukraine, Saakashvili was given his passport and allowed to return. In April, the Ukrainian leader offered the politician to become deputy prime minister and negotiate with the IMF. However, in the end, Saakashvili headed the executive committee of the National Council of Reforms.

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