Ryazan hosted a trial of a brutal murder in an underground garage

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In Ryazan, a jury trial was held in the case of two men who brutally killed a local resident and stole a car and weapons with cartridges. This is reported by the regional prosecutor’s office.

The incident took place in February 2018. Two men brutally murdered a resident of Ryazan in an underground garage and stole a car and a weapon of limited destruction with cartridges.

Earlier, the defendants stole more than half a million rubles from the deceased. Then he was lured into the garage under the guise of a meeting and was hit on the head with a hammer over 30 times. The victim could only wound one of the attackers with a rubber bullet from his “traumatic” revolver in the shoulder.

The body was taken to the Mikhailovsky district and buried in a field in a ravine. The stolen car was hidden in the Skopinsky district with the relatives of one of the defendants.

The criminals threw away their weapons and a hammer, debited the money from the stolen bank card.

The criminal case was considered by a court with the participation of a jury, who on September 4 delivered their verdict, finding the defendants guilty of committing crimes

The punishment will be determined by the court upon sentencing.

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