Ryazan Election Commission registered ten parties out of 13 for elections

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The Ryazan electoral commission registered 10 parties out of 13 for the elections to the regional Duma. 62 INFO writes about this.

On Friday, August 7, the regional electoral commission gave a positive answer to the lists of “Communists of Russia, For Pravda”, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the Party of Pensioners, the Direct Democracy Party and the Growth Party. Also on the list of registered were the Liberal Democratic Party, United Russia, New People and Fair Russia.

Three parties were refused. These are the Small Business Party, the Russian Revival Party and Yabloko. The small business party did not submit documents for the procedure, the other two, said the secretary of the commission Sergei Skobelev, had problems with signatures. Both turned out to have insufficient valid signatures and a lot of defects, more than the allowed 5%.

Voting will take place from 11 to 13 September. Ryazan residents will elect 20 deputies according to the lists and the same number in single-mandate constituencies.

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