Ryazan candidates presented their projects at the federal congress of the New People party

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Ryazan candidates presented their projects at the federal congress of the New People party. This was reported by the press service of the regional office.

The second federal congress was held on August 8. In just five months, the number of party supporters exceeded 111 thousand people, 582 candidates are participating in the elections in 12 regions. Party leader Alexei Nechaev plans to take seats in the State Duma in 2021.

The congress was attended by over 300 delegates from 55 regions of Russia. Ryazan presented four projects at the congress, two of them on the federal stage, which is an indicator of their importance for the party.

Nelly Lukashova, an entrepreneur, journalist and mother of many children, presented a strategy for the development of Ryazan and other cities. The New People program is based on the removal of railway stations outside the city, limiting the number of storeys in new buildings and large-scale landscaping. For Ryazan, the candidate suggested choosing Spanish Valencia as a landmark, where a good park was made on the site of the river. In Ryazan, instead of a river, there is a railway, the place under which Lukashova dreams of turning into a large green zone.

Director of the Ryazan Central School, Alexander Shiryaev, spoke at the federal congress about the accumulated problems of the secondary education system and suggested turning several Ryazan schools into hubs for high school students, who will be taught with an emphasis on developing project skills and preparing them to master their chosen professions. The candidate believes that the current government will not allow a large-scale reform of the education system, but officials can allow an experiment with hubs. According to Ryazanets, this will be a chance for graduates to gain quality knowledge, and an opportunity for New People to improve the obviously outdated secondary education system.

The famous Ryazan coach and athlete Alexei Shaev presented the project “New yard”, the purpose of which is to update the courtyard areas for sports, recreation and entertainment.

A retired police colonel, ataman of the Ryazan separate Cossack society, Yuri Seregin proposes to restore passenger traffic along the Oka, to create a tourist route from Nizhny Novgorod to Orel. “The Oka should be a tourist and transport corridor that will unite the key attractions of the Ryazan region within a single tourist route,” a candidate from the New People party expressed his idea.

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