Russians will be able to withdraw funds early from investment accounts without loss of benefits

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The Ministry of Finance is considering the possibility of expanding the mechanism of the Individual Investment Account (IIA) of the second type, the press service of the department told Izvestia. In particular, we are talking about early withdrawal of part of the funds without loss of tax benefits if the owner of an investment account is in a difficult life situation or decides to use the money as a down payment on a mortgage.

“Several types of withdrawals from IIS accounts are being discussed – some we support, some more controversial. Among those that we support are the withdrawal of funds from IIS accounts in case of a difficult life situation and the first installment on a mortgage, “Ivan Chebeskov, director of the financial policy department of the Russian Ministry of Finance, said in a comment for Izvestia.

The Central Bank also approved the introduction of this measure, participants in the meeting with the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina, which took place on Thursday, told Izvestia. The regulator proposed to make legislative changes in order to motivate citizens to invest in IIA of the second type. The Ministry of Finance, as follows from the answer of Ivan Chebeskov, is also not against the development of the instrument due to the possibility of early withdrawal.

According to the latest data, 2.7 million accounts worth 250 billion rubles have been opened in Russia, but mainly of the first type, according to the presentation (available to Izvestia) of specialized self-regulatory organizations for a meeting at the Central Bank.

At the moment, Russians can invest in IIS of two types, which combine the following conditions: the contract is concluded for three years, the maximum investment amount is 1 million rubles (for IIS-2, the issue of increasing the amount to 3 million rubles is being considered. – Izvestia). The differences are in the rules for obtaining tax incentives. If a citizen chooses an investment account of the first type, then with annual contributions of 400 thousand rubles, he can receive a tax deduction of 52 thousand rubles. The difference between the second type (B) is that the privilege is provided at the end of the contract (that is, after three years) and the investor is exempt from paying income tax.

At the same time, the current legislation does not allow withdrawing funds from an investment account without simultaneously closing it and maintaining a tax benefit. Now the financial authorities are ready to revise this norm.

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