Russians from 2021 will be able to receive notary services online

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It will be possible to open an inheritance case, certify a translation, and receive a writ of execution for debt collection from a notary online. The corresponding draft government decree was prepared by the Ministry of Economic Development (Izvestia got acquainted with it).

According to the document, citizens and organizations will be able to perform these and many other notarially significant actions through the portal of public services in the first half of 2021.

Thanks to such adjustments, a whole list of services will become more accessible and more comfortable for citizens, Vitaly Zlobin, director of the quality assurance department for the provision of public services of the Ministry of Economic Development, told Izvestia. In addition, the new rules will reduce costs for the authorities as well, since interaction with society will go entirely online.

However, the Ministry’s document translates online not only the services of notaries. It is assumed that through public services it will be possible to submit an application, petition or complaint on enforcement proceedings, make changes to the national register of specialists in the field of construction, engineering surveys and architectural and construction design, as well as obtain information about the volunteer’s personal electronic book.

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