Russians appreciated the adequacy of drivers

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The experts of the automobile portal “Drom” conducted a survey in which they asked the residents of Russia to assess the adequacy of the drivers of their city. 14 thousand users of the resource took part in the study.

According to a press release received by Izvestia on October 28, according to the poll, 44% of the participants voted for the option “Three, the situation leaves much to be desired.” The second most popular answer was “Four, not bad, although there is room to grow” – 26%, and quite a few voted for “Two” – 18%. The lowest rating “Kol” scored 7%, and only 5% of the respondents gave the “Five” to motorists in their city.

Most of the “excellent students” travel to the Tyumen region – 10%, which is twice as often as the national average. Option “Number! Absolute hell ”is the most popular in the Republic of Sakha and the Voronezh region – 13% in each region, followed by the Republic of Buryatia in the anti-rating – 12% and Moscow – 10%.

On February 26, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the quality of training in driving schools should be closely monitored by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. According to the head of state, the number of road traffic deaths in Russia has decreased by more than a third over the past eight years, but work in this area must be continued further.

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