Russian woman in shorts fell into an ice crevice in the Alps

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Swiss rescuers rescued a Russian woman from a crevice on the Grenz alpine glacier, where the woman spent two days. The mountain rescue service Air Zermatt reports this on its Facebook page.

It is noted that a Russian citizen permanently residing in Germany came to Switzerland as a tourist. On Sunday, August 23rd, despite warnings, she went alone to the glacier in shorts and without the necessary equipment. While walking, the woman fell into a narrow ice crevice 10–15 m deep.

The Russian woman spent two days in an ice trap, until her cries for help were heard by climbers who happened to be nearby and called rescuers.

The victim was diagnosed with only mild hypothermia, she did not receive serious injuries.

Rescuers called the rescue of the Russian woman a miracle, since the police did not receive information about her disappearance.

In June, it was reported that rescuers in Bali pulled a Briton from the well after he spent six days in it.

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