Russian vaccine allowed to apply for registration in the EU

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The European Medicines Agency EMA has completed consulting the developer of the Russian vaccine against coronavirus. Now it is possible to apply for registration on the EU market.

The scientific consulting process is reported to be well established at the EMA. It is available to all companies to facilitate the preparation of their development program. EMA will now advise companies “taking into account the latest scientific advice”.

At the same time, EMA has not yet received an application from the developer of the Russian drug. The timing of obtaining approval for the EU market from the EMA can be discussed after receiving such an application.

Earlier in the British magazine The Spectator, it was considered that the German authorities were interested in the Russian vaccine against coronavirus due to the crisis in the supply of drugs from other manufacturers. It is noted that the distribution of Western analogues of the COVID-19 vaccine in the European Union is delayed.

Meanwhile, on Monday, the Russian Foreign Ministry commented on the refusal of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to use the Russian vaccine against COVID-19. Before that, he said that Ukrainians are “not rabbits to experiment on.”

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