Russian psychologist told about work in Beirut

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Anna Andronova, leading psychologist at the Center for Emergency Situations of the Russian Ministry of Emergencies, spoke about her work in Beirut, which was damaged by the explosion on 4 August.

According to her, in the hospital, specialists work with the current condition of patients who apply to the hospital for medical and psychological help.

In particular, they help people cope with anxiety, anxiety and tension, as well as fear.

Also, assistance is provided to children who cannot fall asleep after the incident, or depict the situation in pictures.

“Psychologists have their own module, we work both with our traditional methods – conversation, polling, and hardware methods,” Andronova told REN TV.

Earlier, the rescuer of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Andrei Nizhnikov spoke about the analysis of debris in the Lebanese capital. According to him, the main task is to find places where living people can stay. These cavities are carefully examined and rechecked.

Emergencies Ministry officials arrived to deal with the aftermath of a powerful explosion in Beirut on 5 August. The next day, mobile hospitals were deployed in the Lebanese capital. In the first two days of work, Russian doctors received more than 90 people, including 12 children.

The explosion in the port area in the Lebanese capital occurred on 4 August. Detonated 2.7 tons of ammonium nitrate during welding. The facades of dozens of buildings were destroyed and damaged. According to seismologists, the power of the explosion was comparable to that of an earthquake of magnitude 4.5.

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