Russian poet got pregnant by a Peruvian shaman and wished him to burn

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Poetess and winner of the Versus hip-hop battle Marina Katsuba announced her pregnancy on Instagram. But her subsequent posts and comments were not particularly happy.

The child’s father is a Peruvian shaman.

First, the girl reported that on June 22, the day of the summer equinox, at 7:40 am, she would have a boy, based on her feelings.

The poetess said that she would be raising the child alone. But her family, friends and a beloved man (apparently, not a Perunian father) will support her.

Katsuba cries to subscribers that she does not have a permanent income, she is scared to think about renting an apartment and buying everything necessary for the baby. The artist did not even decide which city she would live in. She writes that she is shocked by the behavior of the “sperm host.” The child’s father shows “an intolerable mixture of childishness and shamanic ego.”

“And burn, please, forever in hell for the fact that together with the baby we now feel like this,” the poetess wrote, referring to her former lover.

The girl also complains about the bullying she faced after the news about the pregnancy and the child’s father. She claims to be writing “severely ill commentators.”

By the way, it is worth noting that Katsuba herself considers herself not only a poetess, her profiles indicate: “Healer, spiritual guide, poet.”

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