Russian drivers pointed out a “daily” error when starting the car

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Many drivers make the mistake of trying to start the car’s engine faster, writes “AiF”.

According to auto experts, the first seconds after turning on the ignition are important for the correct tuning of the electronics in the car; it is undesirable to interrupt this process by moving the key to the “Start” position.

This setting is especially important in the winter season, since it is at this moment that the electronics “polls” the sensors and selects one of the mixture formation algorithms to start the engine, the publication notes.

In the case of a quick switch to operating mode, the car operates at average rates. This can lead to the release of unburned gasoline vapors into the catalyst, auto experts warn.

“Seconds of incorrect operation during daily starts add up to minutes and hours and can affect the catalyst resource,” the author warned.

The most dangerous, as noted in the publication, is the quick start of cars with a diesel engine. Improper actions by the driver can lead to incomplete combustion of fuel, uneven operation of the cylinders and, in some cases, clogging of the filters with diesel fuel decay products.

Earlier in December, experts from the Autonews automobile portal named the most dangerous mistakes of motorists on winter roads.

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