Russia will prepare a safety standard for construction sites during epidemics

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The Ministry of Construction, together with developers, is completing the creation of a new standard for the work of construction companies during a pandemic. At the moment, the document is undergoing approval by the government, Deputy Minister of Construction and Housing and Utilities Nikita Stasishin told Izvestia.

The standard is based on the Moscow rules, developed during the period of gradual lifting of restrictions, which were changed taking into account the reduction of companies’ costs for their implementation. New rules are needed to reduce the risks of freezing construction projects and bankruptcy of companies. However, some provisions are difficult to implement, experts say.

The standard is primarily aimed at the safety of workers, as well as reducing the risks associated with a construction stop. The document is based on Moscow rules developed during the period of gradual lifting of restrictions. They were changed taking into account the need to reduce the costs of companies for their implementation, Rifat Garipov, a member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Construction, told Izvestia.

The draft standard is already in the final stage of development, currently discussions are underway with federal executive authorities, regional authorities, the expert community and developer companies, Stasishin said.

The development of the standard was initiated in April 2020, the press service of Inteko told Izvestia. The Ingrad Group of Companies reported that they also participate in the working group on the development of rules.

According to a Izvestia source in one of the construction organizations, the standard involves a set of measures during periods of different modes of the epidemiological situation. For example, under the extreme regime, a 14-day quarantine is provided for arrived workers from other regions, the use of masks and gloves, a distance of 2 m, etc.

According to the head of the subcommittee of low-rise and suburban construction of Delovaya Rossiya, owner of the Udacha Group of Companies, Vladimir Prokhorov, some provisions of the set of rules may be difficult to implement. For example, a distance of 2 m is not always physically possible at a construction site. If such impossible measures remain in the document, it will be easier for small and medium-sized companies in the regions to stop construction, he said.

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