Russia to send ten engines for American Atlas-5 and Antares missiles

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The Energomash Research and Production Association intends to send ten RD-180 and RD-181 engines for Atlas-5 and Antares missiles to the United States. This is evidenced by the data on the government procurement website.

Six RD-180 engines will be designed for Atlas-5, four RD-181 engines – for Antares. It is specified that Energomash intends to insure their transportation.

In April last year, the head of the US Air Force Space Command, General John Raymond, assured that Washington would stop purchasing Russian RD-180 rocket engines after 2022.

Meanwhile, in February it was reported that, according to consultants to the American Congress, the United States will not be able to find an alternative to the Russian RD-180 rocket engine until at least 2030.

The first RD-180 was delivered to the USA in 1999. In total, according to the manufacturer, NPO Energomash, 116 engines were sent overseas.

Due to the aggravation of relations between Moscow and Washington in 2015, the American Congress banned the purchases of the RD-180, but later canceled the restrictions due to the impossibility of finding a replacement for them.

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