Russia remains the main buyer of DPR export products

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In 2020, the constituent entities of the Russian Federation accounted for about 77% of the trade turnover.

12 countries became buyers of export products manufactured by the DPR in 2020. According to the Ministry of Revenue and Duties, the Russian Federation remains the main trade partner of the republic. They account for 77% of the total trade turnover.

The Lugansk People’s Republic remains in second place in terms of trade. Exports of goods to Luhansk entrepreneurs last year increased from 11.3% to 19.5%.

According to the Ministry of Revenues and Duties, in other cases, export operations were carried out with representatives of Belarus, South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Kazakhstan and other countries.

Let us recall that over the 11 months of the last year, DPR enterprises managed to earn almost 50 billion rubles from the export of their own production.

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