Russia has disposed of half of nuclear fuel in the Arctic

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To dispose of spent nuclear fuel and nuclear submarines from the Arctic bases in the Northwestern Federal District within the framework of an international project, Russia has invested 47 billion rubles. This accounted for more than half of the total amount for disposal, with which foreign partners helped, Rosatom said.

Work on cleaning from nuclear waste continues, now work is underway, mainly in the Murmansk region. Several facilities are located here, where spent nuclear fuel and decommissioned icebreakers and submarines are stored.

Waste storage facilities from the operation of the nuclear fleet are located in Andreeva Bay and Sayda Bay. There is also some waste at the Gremikha Navy base, where nuclear ships are being repaired.

More than half of the nuclear waste in the North Seas has already been disposed of.

Earlier it became known that in Zheleznogorsk they are looking for miners to work at the nuclear waste storage facility, which is planned to be built at the sites of the mining and chemical plant (MCC). Such an auction is posted on the RosTender portal.

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