Russia entered the top 10 most attractive wine markets in the world

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The Russian wine market is among the top 10 most attractive in the world. Such data follows from the annual Global Compass report published by the analytical agency Wine Intelligence.

Over the year, Russia has risen in the rating by 23 points, taking the 10th position among 50 countries. The company noted that such sharp leaps are not characteristic of the annual rating, and also added that this was partly due to the fact that young Russians travel a lot and exchange “vodka for wine”.

Also, Global Compass said that since 2015, the volume of wine consumption in Russia has been growing at an average annual rate of 13.2%. The average cost per bottle has also increased. The federal law on viticulture and winemaking was also called a positive sign for the development of the industry.

The law on viticulture and winemaking entered into force in Russia on June 26. The document contains 80 basic concepts for the field of viticulture and winemaking. Among them are “wine”, “fortified wine”, “sparkling wine”, “grape planting”, etc.

As noted in the State Duma, the law will be gradual, as it provides for a three-year transition period. During this time, Russian wine will be recognized as well, to which, within the limits established by law, imported concentrated grape or rectified grape must have been added.

The Federation Council approved the law on winemaking on December 23. On December 18, the State Duma adopted this bill in the third reading. Not a single deputy spoke out against the document. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the document on December 28.

The law will not apply to citizens with personal subsidiary plots, as well as to gardeners and gardeners.

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