Rostechnadzor found nearly 2.6 thousand violations during inspections in the Arctic

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During inspections of enterprises in the Arctic, about 2.6 thousand violations were found. This was announced on Thursday, October 1, by the head of Rostekhnadzor Alexei Aleshin.

He said that on behalf of the President, the inspection will affect 426 hazardous production facilities (HIFs) associated with the storage and transportation of oil and oil products. These facilities include 2.3 thousand tanks with a volume of 400 to 40 thousand cubic meters.

“To date, we have completed the inspection of 264 objects. Almost 2,600 violations were revealed, 54 owners were brought to justice, the operation of 15 HIFs was suspended, the amount of fines imposed amounted to 6.5 million rubles. I think by December we will finish the bulk of the checks. Difficulties are only with the departure to certain, especially remote northern regions, “- said Alyoshin in an interview with Interfax.

According to him, 7.6% of the checked objects require repair or complete decommissioning. He added that most likely Rostekhnadzor will prepare proposals to ban the use of large-volume reservoirs in such ecologically significant regions as the Arctic.

Checks in the Arctic began after the accident at the TPP-3 in Norilsk, which occurred on May 29. About 20 thousand tons of fuel spilled due to the depressurization of the diesel fuel storage tank, which occurred against the background of a sudden subsidence of the supports. Oil products got into two rivers – Ambarnaya and Daldykan.

On the fact of the incident, several criminal cases were initiated at once, which were combined into one proceeding. In particular, we are talking about cases of violation of environmental protection rules during the performance of work (Art. 246 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation), damage to land (part 1 of Art. 254 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) and water pollution (Art. 250 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

The head and beneficiary of the mining and metallurgical company Norilsk Nickel, Vladimir Potanin, said that a “combination of factors” could have led to the accident: the melting of permafrost and a project that did not meet modern requirements.

According to the latest data, Norilsk Nickel has already spent about 12 billion rubles to eliminate the consequences of the accident at the TPP-3 in Norilsk.

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