Rospotrebnadzor specialists in the Smolensk region tell you how to choose a watermelon

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In connection with the beginning of sales of melons and gourds, the Office of Rospotrebnadzor in the Smolensk Region recommends adhering to a few simple rules when choosing watermelons and melons.

The sale of melons along the roads, from unequipped trading places, is prohibited, so it should be remembered that in such places watermelons and melons are sold that have not passed the necessary sanitary examination, in addition, watermelons can absorb heavy metals contained in the exhaust gases of cars.

Sales outlets for the sale of melons and gourds should be equipped in places designated by the city administration or the municipal administration.

When selling melons and gourds, it is mandatory to comply with sanitary requirements for the sale of food products:

– the trade object must be equipped with a canopy or umbrella;

– sold melons must be stored on podtovoy – it is prohibited to store melons directly on the ground;

– transportation, storage and sale of melons and gourds should be carried out in conditions that ensure the safety, quality and safety of products;

– the sale of broken, spoiled, cut watermelons and melons is not allowed;

– the trading place, as well as the surrounding area, must be kept clean.

– products must be accompanied by documents certifying their origin, quality and safety.

Employees of trade organizations carrying out work on the transportation, loading and unloading, storage and sale of melons and gourds must have a personal medical book of the established form, which includes data on the results of a medical examination, a mark on the passage of professional hygienic training and certification.

A good, ripe watermelon is large, has a complete cover, the rind color is bright and contrasting. A ripe watermelon is necessarily covered with a hard shiny crust, if the nail easily pierces the watermelon rind, it means that the watermelon is immature. The antennae and stalk of a mature watermelon are dry. When struck with a palm, a ripe watermelon vibrates, when struck with a bent finger, it emits a moderately sonorous sound, when squeezed along the longitudinal axis – a weak crunch

Watermelon is a valuable product, contains a lot of easily digestible sugars (fructose) and folic acid, is rich in trace elements such as magnesium, potassium and a natural antioxidant – lycopene, which has an antitumor effect. Watermelon is an exceptional diuretic that relieves swelling. In this capacity it is used for diseases of the kidneys, liver, heart and blood vessels, as well as cystitis.

Melons, like watermelons, are chosen according to the same rules, but there are also slight differences. In a melon, the opposite side of the tail should be slightly soft, if hard, then this is a sign that the melon is immature. If you click on the melon, the sound should be muffled. The melon must necessarily emit aroma, if there is no smell, this fruit is not worth buying.

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