Roskomnadzor is appointed the founder of the .SU domain administrator on behalf of the Russian Federation

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Roskomnadzor, within the framework of the law on the sustainable operation of the Runet, was appointed the founder of the Russian Research Institute for the Development of Public Relations (RosNIIROS, the administrator of the Russian national top-level domain .SU) on behalf of Russia. The corresponding order was published on the official Internet portal of legal information on Friday, October 23rd.

The representatives of Russia in the governing bodies of RosNIIROS will be appointed by Roskomnadzor. The non-profit organization coordinates the activities related to the Russian national domain zone, and is also the registered owner of the databases of this zone in international organizations for the distribution of network addresses and domain names.

In May, it was reported that Roskomnadzor would become one of the founders of the Coordination Center (CC) for .RU / .РФ domains. As the director of CC of .RU / .РФ domains Andrei Vorobyov explained, the entry of the supervisory authority into the founders of the organization follows from the text of the new law on sustainable Runet.

On May 1, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law to ensure the stable operation of the Russian segment of the Internet in case of disconnection from the global infrastructure. The document, in particular, provides for the creation of a monitoring and control center for a public communications network under Roskomnadzor. It will ensure the availability of communication services in the Russian Federation in any “extraordinary” situations.

The draft law on the stable operation of the Russian segment of the Internet, if it is disconnected from the global infrastructure of the Network, was submitted to the State Duma on December 14.

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