Roskachestvo warned of possible schemes of fraud with social benefits

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Roskachestvo warned about the intensification of air ticket fraud and the possible use of social payments by fraudsters, announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin. This is stated in the message of the organization, published on Tuesday, May 4.

They recalled that the head of state announced payments of 10 thousand rubles for each student during his address to the Federal Assembly on April 21.

“As of the beginning of May, the details of payments and the relevant regulatory documents have not yet been made public. This can be used by fraudsters who are already willingly offering to receive child benefits, and also list their detailed conditions, ”the message says.

In this regard, Roskachestvo recalled that it is necessary to wait for statements from official sources. There they warned of cases of deception, when a letter comes to the e-mail with the content “click and receive payment from the president,” or when they offer to enter their data and even attach screenshots of documents to quickly receive payment.

Experts also note that during the May holidays, fraudsters from phishing sites that imitate the selection of air ticket offers became more active.

“All sites copy popular ticket aggregators, and as a bait they seduce users with very attractive ticket prices (with a discount of 30-50% or even more),” the Roskachestvo said.

In addition, an offer to purchase vouchers for children with cashback at half the cost can become a type of fraud. However, as experts warn, their real sale from the state will open only on May 20.

On the eve it was reported that Putin ordered in August to pay 10 thousand rubles each to families with children from six to 18 years old. He voiced the corresponding proposal earlier, on April 21, during the announcement of the message to the Federal Assembly.

As noted by the head of the Ministry of Labor Anton Kotyakov, 17 million people can apply for the payment. It is expected that in order to receive such a payment, it will be necessary to submit only one application electronically or to the MFC, the Pension Fund branch, the social security authorities, the minister noted.