Rogozin called the global goals of the Russian Federation in space

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Roscosmos head Dmitry Rogozin named Russia’s global goals in space. He listed them on the social network Twitter, answering the corresponding question of the subscriber.

“The expansion of mankind in space, as well as the use of the results of space activities to ensure the strategic defense of the country, the growth of the quality of life of the people, the development of breakthrough technologies and fundamental scientific research on the origin of the Earth and the Universe,” Rogozin emphasized.

On December 22, the head of Roscosmos explained the reason for the US sanctions against the Soyuz carrier rockets manufacturer. He believes that it consists in the appearance of the Americans’ own means of delivering astronauts to the ISS.

According to Rogozin, the newly introduced sanctions will negatively affect the cooperation between Moscow and Washington in space, so the US government should lift the sanctions imposed on December 21 against the enterprises of the Russian state corporation.

On December 19 Rogozin promised to “cure” the problems of the ISS. He recalled that the modules of the station, made back in the Soviet era and designed for 15 years, serve much longer, therefore, in some old structures of the ISS, problems arise that are associated with “metal fatigue”.

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