RNC to spend $25M on TV ads in battleground states in final stretch to Election Day

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The Republican National Committee will spend $25 million on television ads in a battleground state advertising blitz beginning Tuesday and running for the final two weeks before Election Day, Fox News has learned.

The RNC on Tuesday will launch television ads in a number of key states, including Arizona, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina and Wisconsin.


The buy comes on the heels of the RNC committing to spend $60 million on digital efforts to get out the vote in the final stretch of the campaign.

An RNC official told Fox News that roughly $14 million of the $25 million total will be spent on advertising targeted to seniors, with a focus on protecting Medicare.

“Joe Biden’s health care plan would be an inevitable step toward single-payer health care, leading to higher taxes, less quality of care, and a complete upheaval of our health care system,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel told Fox News.

“As part of the RNC’s multi-pronged effort to target and turn out voters, we will be telling the truth about Biden’s socialized health care plan while aggressively highlighting how President Trump has improved Medicare and lowered premiums,” McDaniel continued. “These ads will drive that message home in the final days.”

An RNC official told Fox News that Democrats are intent on making health care a top issue in the 2020 race, and that these new ads “will serve as an important reminder of the contrast that exists between President Trump and Joe Biden on health care plans.”

The official told Fox News that the ads will cast Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s health care plan as one that would “lead to single payer health care,” and could “jeopardize access to quality care, especially for seniors.” The ads will also highlight that the Biden plan would “give taxpayer-funded health care to illegal immigrants.”

An RNC official touted the president’s health care record, saying that he lowered Medicare Advantage premiums by “34% nationwide–the lowest level in 14 years.”

One ad, which will begin running in Michigan Tuesday, addresses senior citizens, and touts Medicare under President Trump.

“Attention fellow seniors: This election will determine your medicare benefits,” a narrator says in the ad. “Under President Trump, Medicare premiums in Michigan have gone down 53%. But with the Biden-Harris health care plan, Medicare will change.”

The ad warns that “private insurance” would be “eliminated,” and hospitals would close.

“You could even lose your doctor,” the ad says. “Protect your Medicare coverage. Vote for President Trump.”

The ad then directs viewers to a website called “Seniors Beware” to learn more about the differences between Trump and Biden’s health care plans.

Former Vice President Biden’s health care plan is aimed at protecting and building upon the Affordable Care Act by giving Americans more choice, reducing health care costs, and making our health care system “less complex to navigate.”

Biden’s health care platform vows to give every American access to “affordable health insurance,” as well as a “public health insurance option,” and aims to expand coverage to low-income Americans by offering premium-free access to a public option for individuals who would be eligible for Medicaid.

The RNC buy comes as part of a joint effort with the Trump campaign, totaling $55 million on paid advertising in the final two weeks. Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien called it a “heavy buy,” and added that they are “confident as ever” in their “pathway to victory.”

“We very much like where we’re at,” Stepien said Monday. “We have more than sufficient air cover almost, almost three times as much as in 2016.”

He added: “The goal of this is to ensure that we’re supporting our ground troops, and they certainly have the air cover they need to bring this campaign to a successful close.”

The Trump campaign ads will run in the key battleground states of Arizona, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Ohio. 

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