Returning to Germany from risk areas faces unpaid quarantine

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For 160 countries, travel warnings have been extended to 14 September. Residents of the country returning from risk zones and forced to be in self-isolation, with a high degree of probability, will no longer be paid compensation due to loss of income. The federal government and the authorities of the federal states are working on amending the legislation in the near future.

Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed that this measure will only be applied if a citizen entered the country, despite the fact that the region was declared a risk zone, before the trip warning or at the very beginning. That is, if he deliberately exposes himself in spite of the recommendations, and can contribute to the spread of the virus. The Chancellor urged all residents of the country to refrain from travel, which can be avoided, in the areas designated by the Robert Koch Institute.

Those who enter Germany from risk areas are required to spend 14 days in self-isolation. Mandatory return tests will be canceled. It will be possible to shorten the quarantine period by making a coronavirus test. It will be possible to pass it no earlier than on the fifth day after returning. This regulation should come into force on October 1, 2020. It will be possible to make free tests for coronavirus returning from regions that are not considered risk areas until September 15.

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