Residents of Yoshkar-Ola expressed their opinion on the project about liqueurs

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Residents of Yoshkar-Ola support a project to establish a distance of 70 meters from public catering establishments to apartment buildings.

The public discussion of the draft decision of the city assembly has been completed, which proposes to establish the value of the distance of the territory adjacent to apartment buildings, where retail sale of alcohol is not allowed in public catering outlets with a total area of ​​the service hall of less than 50 square meters, at 70 meters.

The mayor’s office received more than 270 appeals from citizens. Most of them supported the project. As told in the press service of the administration, proposals were made to increase this distance to 100 and 150 meters.

The Public Comment Review Committee approved the draft. Now its adoption will become one of the issues on the agenda of the session of the city assembly of deputies.

Recall earlier MK in Mari El told that the enterprises of the republic were assigned 2.5 million rubles in fines for violations of restrictions.

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