Residents of the village of Sosnovy Bor complained about the dump of cut trees

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Residents of the village of Sosnovy Bor in the Sebezhsky District complain about a dump of dry trees, which, apparently, they are not going to clean up. One of the local residents published photos of the piled-up logs in the group “Administration of the Sebezhsky District” on the social network “VKontakte”.

“A significant number of the remains of sawed-down trees have accumulated, which are piled right on the roadsides and streets of the settlement. Judging by their appearance, these illiquid wood remnants were cut down and piled up for a long time: the foliage had time to dry up, ”the author of the post wrote.

He expressed concern that “the heaps of twigs will soon dry up and become sources of fire hazard right inside the territory of the residential town.”

“We hope that the administration of the village of Sosnovy Bor has a plan to clean up this mess, and soon cleanliness and order will prevail there both on the streets and inside the forest areas,” the author of the publication concluded.

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