Residents of the Moscow region warned about the beginning of the autumn migration of vipers

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The authorities of the Moscow region warned local residents about the beginning of the autumn migration of vipers, which carries certain risks for people. This was announced on Wednesday, August 26, on the website of the regional government.

Migration started due to lower night temperatures. With the onset of cold weather, snakes gather in shelters, where they twist into tangles and hibernate.

“In this state, all vital processes slow down. <...> One shelter can gather from several dozen or even hundreds of snakes, ”RIAMO quotes Svyatoslav Nyaklyaev, head of the Mosoblles forest protection department.

He noted that the heart of the snake during this period slows down the rhythm to six beats per minute, and the metabolic processes are very sluggish.

Meanwhile, during migration, the risk of attack by vipers on a person increases. Life threats can be avoided by following a number of rules. For example, while walking in the forest or picking mushrooms, create as much noise as possible: rustle with a stick, shuffle your feet and do not forget to wear thick and high shoes.

Elena Kazimir, the chairman of the forestry committee of the Moscow region, urged not to touch or kill the vipers, recalling that these snakes are listed in the Red Book of the Moscow Region, writes REGNUM.

If you get a bite, you should immediately go to the hospital. The bite is a dangerous allergic reaction to the components of the poison.

In late June, it was reported that a two-year-old child was admitted to intensive care after being bitten by a viper in St. Petersburg.

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