Residents of Central Russia warned about frost and snow over the weekend

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In Central Russia, frosts and snow are expected by the end of the week, said Yevgeny Tishkovets, a leading specialist at the Phobos weather center.

According to him, the abnormally warm weather will continue until Thursday, October 15. Then, a cold Arctic front will pass through the central part of the Russian Federation, followed by cold air masses from the water area of ​​the Arctic Ocean.

“The temperature background will literally collapse at a rapid pace. On Friday – about +10 degrees with rains, and on Saturday we will feel the breath of the Arctic in full, ”the NSN quotes the expert on October 12.

Tishkovets noted that at night the air temperature will drop to zero marks, the first frosts are expected on Sunday. In some places, the rains will begin to turn into wet snow, ice may be covered.

Thus, the period of Indian summer will be replaced by pre-winter.

Earlier, forecasters said that a sharp cooling and rain are expected in the south of the Russian Federation. In Crimea, the weather will change on October 17-18. An active cold contrast section will pass through the territory of the republic.

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