Reserve officers appealed to Belarusian security officials

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In Belarus, where citizens who are dissatisfied with the results of the presidential elections continue to hold protest actions, reserve officers recorded a video message to their colleagues, current law enforcement officers. The appeal was posted on the NEXTA Live Telegram channel.

“In accordance with the first paragraph of the third article of the Constitution, the only source of power and the bearer of the sovereignty of the Republic of Belarus is its people,” said reserve officer Sergei Bend. He asked his colleagues to release the prisoners, and also urged the officers to remember the oath to their people.

These words were joined by a reserve officer with seniority at 28, Sergei Shpak, calling the lawlessness that is happening on the streets of the country a shame.

“You just missed the moment when they began to put lies in your ears. The people disagree. He has pride. The lawlessness of the power structures that is happening on the streets is a shame, from which both you and your children will have to wash themselves. It is not too late for you to make the right choice. I have the honor, ”he said.

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