Rescuers rescued a girl who flew into a ravine by car

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The accident happened on the morning of August 8 in the village of Tsemdolina. The driver of a Zhiguli-1600 car lost control, as a result of which the car flew into a cliff. Rescuers who arrived at the scene of the emergency took the girl out of the car, handed her over to doctors, and also disconnected the car battery.

– The driver flew out of the car during an accident. The result – two victims, – said the head of the MBU PASS “Rescue Service of Novorossiysk” Alexei Oderov.

The rescuer added that it is not recommended to leave the accident site after an accident. The first thing to do if the car gets into a ditch is to put up an emergency stop sign. In addition, you should prepare a place for the tow truck in advance. The sign is displayed 30 meters from the exit point if an accident occurred on the highway and 15 meters if an accident happened in the city.

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