Rescuers gave advice on how to deal with smoke in shopping centers

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Before the start of the school year, the number of visitors to shopping centers and school markets increases dramatically. Rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations gave advice on how to behave if there is smoke in the shopping center.

According to experts, in case of the smell of smoke, it is necessary to warn other visitors and employees of the shopping center about this. The Emergencies Ministry urged not to embarrass and shout, as vigilance can help avoid serious consequences.

In the case when a visitor got into smoke, experts recommended to bend down and look for a way out using special stickers in the form of “white men”. It is recommended to breathe through a cloth, it is best to dampen your clothes with water.

In addition, it is worth immediately informing the rescuers about the incident by phone 101 or 112. In the conversation, you must give the exact address and what is burning, if known, writes RIA Novosti.

Having seen the fire, you should immediately go to the emergency exit, which is indicated by a green luminous sign on which a running man is drawn.

Also, the Ministry of Emergency Situations reminded that in case of fire or smoke, you cannot use elevators and escalators, and you cannot go up to the upper floors. If possible, you should look for emergency exits or run down the stairs.

On August 26, the press service of the Russian Emergencies Ministry reported that all schools and kindergartens in Russia are ready for the new academic year. For several months, the entire inspector staff of the EMERCOM of Russia units took part in assessing the readiness of schools and kindergartens.

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