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Recover Deleted Files from Computer Sometimes people delete photos and files from computer accidentally and then look for a photo recovery program after deleting them from computer. There are many programs that can help you recover all the files or photos deleted from the computer in an Easy and simple way because there are many users who complain about the difficulty of using this type of programs, so we will learn in the article through different About with the easiest programs and ways to recover deleted files from the computer

1- iTop Data Recovery

Recover Deleted Files from Computer iTop Data Recovery should be your first choice when you need to recover photos or files from your computer because it is one of the best and most powerful programs to help you recover deleted files from computer.

One of the advantages of this program is that it is free, effective and powerful in recovering photos and files, and its interface is simple and easy to use, in addition, it recovers files very quickly and helps to recover video and audio files.

Here are the most important steps to recover deleted photos and files on computer

After downloading this data recovery software, install it on your computer to recover deleted files from your computer.

Run the program, select the file type you want to restore, you can choose to recover photos, videos, documents, etc.

After choosing the file type, decide where to save it before deleting it.

Then click Next button to recover deleted files from computer.

The program will quickly scan your hard drive and you can wait a few minutes for the scan to complete.

After the scan is complete, a list of all the deleted files found by the program will be displayed.

If you don’t get the file you want to recover, you can do a deep scan instead of a quick scan, it’s more efficient.

To perform a deep scan, click Advanced Settings, and then select the hard drive you want to perform a deep scan on.

The deep scan will take a long time to recover the deleted files from the computer, even hours, after the scan is completed, please press the word “recover” to recover the file you want

2- GetDataBack Recover deleted files from computer GetDataBack recovers lost files and data from computer about 90% of lost files The program supports almost all file formats and works on all types of hard drives and flash memory GetDataBack comes with a simple and easy to use program.

Use the interface so that you can deal with it without experience or professionalism to deal with these programs. After you download and install the program on your computer, it will search for lost files on your hard drive or hard drive that you want to recover deleted files from computer.

To deal with this just be patient and all the deleted files will be restored.

Recover data from hard drives, USB drives, etc.

Easily recover partitions and disk drives.

High speed search algorithm in recovering deleted files.

Full compatibility with FAT and NTFS file systems.

Very simple and easy to use interface.

Ability to recover files from local network.

The ability to recover files from optical discs to recover deleted files from the computer.

3- Recover my files

One of the most famous programs that specializes in recovering deleted files from the computer from the hard drive, flash drive and memory cards.

The program is very popular in the virtual world because of its functionality and efficiency, and it has an elegant and easy-to-use interface, so you do not need explanations or professionalism in using the program, and it is enough to select the location from which the files were lost, and then , press the start button to start the program to search for lost files that have been deleted or formatted After scanning the hard disk, all the deleted files will be displayed in front of you, from where you can recover the deleted files from the computer.

Recover My Files works with various discs, USB media, cameras and memory cards and is compatible with many FAT, eXFAT, NTFS and other disk systems.

Recover My Files has great features, including a file filter for quick name recognition and display of detected thumbnails.

The program enables you to recover files that you cannot find in most programs and now it recovers deleted files from the computer.

In all, iTop Data Recovery is the best choice to recover your lost data on Windows, and the newly launched backup feature can help you guard you files from losing again. just have a try.

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