Recycling Cardboard For Money – 12 Places That Buy Boxes For Cash

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Almost all kinds of products have to come inside amazing packaging. It performs several amazing functions such as protection, marketing, and product presentation. Unfortunately, packaging waste has become one of the big global issues. It has created a lot of issues for humans and other living things. Therefore, to avoid such problems, different countries have made different arrangements. One of the best arrangements is the purchase of used cardboard boxes. There are several places in the US where you can sell them and earn money. This is the best strategy to reduce waste as purchased boxes are recycled. The following is a detailed guide that can let you know how it happens.

Selling them to businesses that recycle cardboard is a legitimate way to make money. Depending on size and quality, cardboard recyclers may pay anywhere from $0.5 to $2 per box. Gaylord Boxes may sell for at least $4 each, depending on their size and the demand. The issue is that selling a few boxes won’t bring in much money. By creating an inventory, you can recycle cardboard boxes for money. You must amass adequate quantities to sell them all at once and make a good profit. Thus, making a box collecting strategy for your paid cardboard box recycling program should be your first move.

For the best protection of the contents, go for thicker, more durable boxes. Smaller ones are less valued than larger ones. When moving, people need strong, dependable ones. The easiest items are larger boxes that sell for a profit and make quick cash, but they are hard to come by.

  • Where to Sell Used Cardboard Boxes Near Me?

When we have discussed that it is possible to make money by selling these boxes, it is time to know about places where we can sell them. The main websites that buy them for cash are as follows:


Used shipping and moving boxes can be purchased and sold on the diversified cardboard marketplace known as BoxCycle. It’s a perfect spot to launch a business that pays you to recycle cardboard boxes for sale. As long as they meet the basic standards set by the business, they will accept any box. It’s really simple to sell them for cash on BoxCycle. Create an account and post your boxes for sale there. To find buyers for them, BoxCycle will search. You are reimbursed after the buyer picks up and sells them.

  • Is BoxCycle legit?

The website BoxCycle is reliable and a wonderful location to buy or sell used boxes. Only pay a commission on successful sales after you have created your listing. Payouts made through BoxCycle are tax-free. You will be liable for filing taxes and paying them as a vendor.

  • BoxsMart

Boxsmart is a terrific location to buy boxes whether you have a single load of used ones or wish to supply them frequently. Thus, Boxsmart will purchase discarded and new packaging solutions. The useful ones are sold again, and the useless ones are recycled. Boxsmart guarantees top dollar regardless of the state of your boxes. You should anticipate earning a 50% to 100% increase in revenue compared to conventional recycling centers. They also save you money and increase profit because you don’t have to bale or transport them. Fill out an online form and provide your contact information to request a price for your boxes.


Every kind of reusable packaging and box is bought and sold on They include pallet boxes, used Gaylord boxes, EBT and plastic industrial totes, new and used bulk packaging solutions, metal storage bins, and wire baskets. In particular, it’s a wonderful location for selling Gaylord boxes in lots of at least 200 pieces. Earnings per Gaylord box range from $4 to $35, depending on size and condition. Create an account for free to get started and list your box sales advertisement. You don’t need to bother about marketing because it is handled for you. Potential customers who could be interested in purchasing them will see your advertisements, including retailers, manufacturers, and Fortune 500 companies.

  • is a recycling business that provides over 350 North American manufacturers with service through more than 30 distribution sites. Selling recycled white cardboard boxes for cash is easy with However, it’s for organizations rather than lone sellers because they sell more boxes. Thus, they typically pay more than conventional recycling sites. Before selling old boxes to Rebox, you must sign up as a partner. For your business to continue collecting boxes, Rebox arranges for their pickup, transportation, and trailer exchange. Start by completing a brief online form with your contact information, company information, personal and company information, and facts about your box inventory. A Rebox employee will then give you a quote.

  • Sadlers

You may be familiar with Sadlers. Since 1952, the family-run cardboard recycling business has been purchasing used cardboard to be recycled. Pallet boxes, packing boxes, removal boxes, shipment boxes, and archival boxes are just a few of the typical new and used cardboard box types handled by Sadlers. Thus, get a price by contacting Sadlers.

  • Duffy Box

Duffy Box has been saving businesses money since 1930 by lowering energy use, minimizing pollution, and landfill trash to improve the environment. Hence, Duffy Box specifically recycles for manufacturing facilities. Used packaging, recyclable cardboard, waste papers, plastics, and other recyclables are all highly valued. Thus, Duffy Box has over 200 trailers to transport goods from manufacturing sites to avoid storing used boxes in your warehouse. Hence, for a quote, get in touch with Duffy Box.

  • RecycleINME

Sell nearly anything on the RecycleINME scrap market, including scrap metal, a discarded white cardboard box, and plastic. Before making a post to purchase or sell recyclables, create an account first.

  • Recycler’s World

Want to market cardboard sacks? Selling cardboard bales at Recycler’s World is a brilliant idea. Since 1995, the online ad service has matched buyers and vendors. Local purchasers indicate the things that are currently in high demand. You can look through the listings to identify possible customers for your cardboard bales. You may also list your loose and packaged goods on the website and wait for customers to find you. 

  • Padnos

The recycling company Padnos buys and sells used electronics, paper, plastic, and metal. The website provides options for buying and selling on a local, regional, national, and international scale. For example, selling a recyclable open cardboard box in bulk for cash there is a brilliant idea. Your cardboard may sell immediately or through a contract, depending on demand. Another option is to sell straight to a paper mill.

  • Quincy Recycle

Leading recycling business Quincy Recycle seeks to assist manufacturers and industrial suppliers with their waste stream issues. The company recycles paper, plastic, and metal and has been in business for over 50 years. Quincy Recycle is a fantastic location to recycle small cardboard boxes for money. Bulk boxes are the company’s main business with Gaylord. Thus, they will need to be able to purchase from you in either full truckload or less-than-truckload quantities.


Gaylord totes, shipping boxes, and even a broken cardboard box sleeve are all purchased by They make pickup arrangements. Thus, working with them is appealing because you don’t have to bale your boxes. In comparison to some competing businesses, it is more practical and profitable. Hence, send a picture and the quantity and size of your most popular boxes to start.

  • Local Recycling Center

Delivering die-cut cardboard boxes to the neighborhood recycler is one of the greatest methods to get cash for recycling them. Thus, it’s a good final resort if none of the abovementioned approaches yield a viable buyer or if your stock cannot be recycled. Of course, you can still easily turn a profit by flipping your product. However, it will be modest compared to private buyers.

Recycling centers purchase used cardboard boxes and sell them to paper mills so that they can make new ones. Use the Recycler Finder to locate a nearby recycling facility. It is a free site that keeps a database of nearby cardboard and paper mills within a 50-mile radius. Hence, we have seen how we can make money by selling used packaging solutions.