Reconstruction of the Pobeda cinema in Volgograd is in full swing

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After a large-scale reconstruction, the building of the former Pobeda cinema will become a multifunctional House of Childhood. Today Governor Andrey Bocharov inspected the progress of construction work at this facility. The project is complex, but the region already has a successful experience in modernizing such an infrastructure, the head of the region noted.

Large-scale work on the reconstruction of the first post-war cinema began last year, and it is planned to complete them in 2023. At the same time, it is important to preserve the recognizable appearance of the cultural heritage object, but to modernize it as much as possible inside. The head of the region today saw the results of the first stage of construction work and defined tasks for further modernization of the building and the adjacent territory.

Recall that in 2015, during a meeting with Volgograd students, it was decided to transfer this facility to regional ownership in order to open the House of Childhood here – a multifunctional creative center for the younger generation. It will house a puppet theater, which now huddles in a small room with a hall for 148 seats.

Workers are dismantling old engineering systems and internal partitions in the Pobeda building. This year, according to the plan, the roofing will be replaced, interior decoration will be done and the installation of internal engineering networks will begin. The building will have three halls – 240 seats (main), 80 seats (for rehearsals) and 100 (multifunctional). All of them will be equipped with modern sound and light equipment. In addition, this facility will be accessible for people with disabilities.

“A good pace of work has been achieved, the previously set tasks are being implemented,” Andrei Bocharov said following the results of the visiting meeting. – Funds for this project are reserved. I am sure that everything will be done in full and with the highest quality on time.

The preliminary cost of the work is estimated at 560 million rubles, but their cost is likely to rise due to the fact that as the structural elements are disassembled, significant defects are revealed that were not previously provided for in the estimate. However, the region for this project has the support and co-financing of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

Andrei Bocharov said that the first show of the puppet theater should take place in 2023, the year of the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Stalingrad.

– Yes, the task is difficult, since the building was in decline for a long time, – said the governor, – but we have already gone through all this with GDYUTS. We will make not only a modern theater, but a real House of Childhood.

It will become part of a large cultural cluster for future generations, which has already included a museum of local lore, a circus, GDYuTs, the renovated Central Embankment, Pakhmutova square, as well as the Tsaritsa river floodplain with the Russia. My story ”, the children’s railway and“ Quantorium ”.

Simultaneously with the reconstruction of “Victory”, the improvement of the adjacent territory will begin. After examining it, the governor instructed to develop a concept of improvement, including a city garden and a park pedestrian zone. Perhaps it will be an open greenhouse, so that in the summer there will be open events for children. This year the concept of the city garden development is to be approved, Bocharov said.

Let us recall that the building of the cinema was built in 1895, which housed a vocational school. During the Battle of Stalingrad, it was destroyed, only a skeleton remained from it. In peacetime, this historical object was restored, it housed the first cinema in the post-war city “Pobeda”.

In 2006, it was closed, and the building housed creative circles and sections from the Children’s and Youth Center, which was in disrepair. After its reconstruction and returning to its original location, it was decided to reconstruct the building of the cinema and make it a multifunctional creative center with a puppet theater, various circles and sections.
The region’s beginnings in June 2020 were supported by the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Olga Lyubimova during a working visit to Volgograd. She noted that the creation of a multifunctional children’s center in the former Pobeda cinema is a serious joint work of the federal center and the region within the framework of the Culture national project.

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