Rapper Ademo taken into custody for “rebellion” in France

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Rapper Ademo, one of the two brothers of the French group PNL, was taken into custody on Saturday for “drug use”, “contempt” and “rebellion”, AFP learned from a judicial source.

On videos posted on social networks late Saturday afternoon, we see the musician being pinned to the ground and then handcuffed by several police officers in a district of Paris.

The arrest caused a small crowd, some aficionados of the group asking the police to spare the one who, with his brother NOS, has enjoyed phenomenal success in France since 2015.

PNL was notably launched by the song The world or nothing whose clip was shot in La Scampia, a popular neighborhood in the suburbs of Naples.

The two brothers practice minimal communication, not expressing themselves in the media.

In April 2017, Ademo was refused a visa to enter the United States when he was to participate in the famous Coachella festival in California “after several months of administrative procedures”.

Their third and most recent album Two brothers, self-produced, dates back to October 2019. PNL (Peace N’Lovés) has announced the postponement of its tour due to the coronavirus epidemic.

The video shot at the top of the Eiffel Tower of their song At DD has been viewed at least 157 million times on Youtube.

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