Qatar calls on Arab Gulf countries to engage in dialogue with Iran

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Doha | Qatar has called on Arab Gulf countries to hold talks with Iran, the foreign minister said in an interview broadcast on Tuesday, two weeks after the reconciliation between Doha and its neighbors.

Sheikh Mohammed Abderrahmane Al-Thani expressed the hope that such a “dialogue will occur” in an interview broadcast Tuesday by Bloomberg television.

“It is also a desire of other countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council”, he added with reference to the GCC which includes, in addition to his country, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Kuwait.

Qatar, boycotted since June 2017 by four Arab countries, including three of its Gulf neighbors due in particular to its links deemed too close to Iran, reconciled with them at a GCC summit on January 5 in Saudi Arabia.

Qatar and Iran share one of the largest offshore gas fields in the world, and Doha maintains cordial relations with Tehran.

Doha is a close ally of Washington and its position in favor of a regional dialogue comes at a time when the American President, Donald Trump, architect of the policy of “maximum pressure” on Iran, is about to leave the country. White House.

Riyadh, Tehran’s great regional rival, which has often accused its neighbor of interference, seems reluctant to engage in dialogue with Iran.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) saw the rapprochement between Gulf monarchies as an asset in dealing with “threats posed by the Iranian regime’s nuclear and ballistic missile program”.

“Qatar will facilitate the discussions if the stakeholders ask for it, and will support anyone to do so,” Sheikh Mohammed told Bloomberg television.

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