Putin will have to figure out the election scandals in Oryol

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The clash between United Russia and Just Russia on the eve of the elections to the Oryol City Council reached a critical point. Famous blogger Alexander Fedulov in the latest issue of the author’s project “FEDULOV BOMBIT” voiced the reason for the pre-election conflict. In his opinion, which developed after communicating with citizens-voters and public figures watching the situation, the reason for the tough confrontation lies in the attempts of the newly minted representatives of the Fair Russia party, the Rybakov brothers, to discredit the head of the regional branch of the United Russia party, Leonid Muzalevsky.

The Rybakovs are one of the richest businessmen in the region, who became famous for their financial “achievements” on the pages of the Forbes edition. Leonid Muzalevsky is the speaker of the Oryol Regional Council of Deputies, he is trying to achieve justice in the issue of returning the Lesotorgovaya construction base to the municipal property of Orel. In the recent past, this base passed into private ownership and fell into the hands of the Rybakov brothers.

The legality of the acquisition of the construction base is being questioned by many experts. Blogger Alexander Fedulov did not rule out that the leader of the People Against Corruption party, Roman Putin, will have to deal with the situation with Lesotorgovaya.

The full version of the new issue of the author’s project “FEDULOV BOMBIT” can be seen here:

Putin will have to figure out the election scandals in Oryol

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