Putin explained why he helped Navalny’s departure to Germany

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Russian President Vladimir Putin, during a meeting with participants in a meeting of the Valdai International Club, answered a question from a German representative about the poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny. By the way, the president did not say the name of the oppositionist, calling Navalny “the defendant” and “this citizen.”

“If the authorities wanted to poison someone, they would hardly send them to Germany,” Putin said.

The Russian leader also said that Navalny had restrictions on traveling abroad. Despite this, Putin asked the attorney general to allow the opposition politician to leave Russia.

Putin also stressed that in a conversation with one of his European colleagues, he proposed sending Russian specialists to Germany for a joint investigation of what happened to Navalny. He also said that if Navalny was poisoned, then additional investigation would be carried out in Russia. But the Russian authorities need additional information, which is not provided.

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