Putin announced the need for state support for Russian animation

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The Russian animation industry needs additional support from the state and business. This was announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday, December 17, during the annual press conference. The event was broadcast by Izvestia.

“There are absolutely private initiatives, this is animation that has shown itself so vividly. This is all done on a fundamental basis, made by our talented people, but here support from the state is clearly in demand, but absolutely insufficient. We are proud and happy for the creative teams that have created such vivid images, memorable and popular in the world, but in general, animation needs support from the state and business structures, ”Putin said.

The head of state stressed that the issues of supporting animation need to be dealt with more thoroughly, since a whole generation of children is growing up on cartoons created by Russian studios and they should be brought up on compassion, love for their homeland, for their neighbors, for nature.

“These endless shooters are crazy, they certainly attract the attention of kids, but sometimes, it seems to me, they can damage them. You need to be very careful here. Anything related to positive content deserves more support from the state than until now, ”the president added.

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