Pushkov ridiculed the words of the head of Stratfor about “Nord Stream – 2”

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Senator Alexei Pushkov called the statement of the head of the intelligence and analytical organization Stratfor George Friedman about the relations between Russia and Germany against the background of the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline as empty chatter.

Earlier, Friedman said that Moscow and Berlin were allegedly “flirting” with each other and looking for a way to combine “Russian gas with German technology” since 1871. According to him, countries do not succeed, since one constantly betrays the other.

“Empty chatter, covered with a geopolitical veil. It’s even a shame to listen to this – given the two world wars, when Germany and Russia fought each other both times. This is not an analysis, but a profanity,” the senator wrote on Telegram.

Pushkov added that such statements by the head of Stratfor show “what the Anglo-Saxons are afraid of,” namely, the union of two European giants – Russia and Germany.

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