Pushkov responded to the statement of the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine about an uncivilized Russia

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Chapter committee Of the Federation Council for Information Policy, Aleksey Pushkov, called the statement of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba that the Ukrainians “brought civilization to Russian territories” as nonsense.

According to Pushkov, the reason for such statements is deep complexes that stem from “the secondary nature of Ukrainian history,” as well as from Ukraine’s lack of historical roots.

“Hence – an acute desire to say or prove something so utterly out of the ordinary, starting from the recognized Russian civilization, which has been and continues to be studied all over the world. The Ukrainian civilization, unlike the Russian one, did not exist at all, and therefore it did not leave its mark in history, “the senator wrote on Telegram on Sunday, September 6.

Pushkov also noted that the famous work of the writer Nikolai Gogol “Evenings on a Farm near Dykanka”, in which traces of Ukrainian culture can be found, was written in Russian.

On September 5, Kuleba said that the Ukrainian people had brought civilization to certain territories of Russia, and urged to speak openly about it.

“Dear Ukrainians of Russia, no matter how difficult it is for you now, the Ukrainian state will always remember you, your great-grandfathers, who built entire cities, erected, brought civilization to certain territories of the Russian Federation,” he said in an interview with Radio Liberty “.

At the same time, in which regions the Ukrainians were engaged in economic development instead of the Russian people, Kuleba did not specify.

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