Public figures found unauthorized dumps in the resort of Pyatigorsk

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Social activists and regulatory bodies demanded to liquidate the garbage dump in the center of the resort Pyatigorsk, which formed on the territory of the former confectionery factory.

One and a half hectares of land are littered with waste, – according to the results of the raid, in which, in addition to the ONF experts, representatives of the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Stavropol Territory, the environmental prosecutor’s office and social activists from the Clean Region association participated.

The regional environmental prosecutor Sergei Belevtsev promised that the owner of the land plot would be identified and forced to liquidate the dump at his own expense.

Another garbage dump was found on the territory of the second mountain sanitary zone near the stream that flows into the Podkumok River. There is a market nearby. “Presumably, since the 90s of the last century, waste from the Pyatigorsk markets has been stored here,” the regional executive committee of the ONF reported, noting that the prosecutor’s office had already ordered to liquidate this landfill.

Public figures have made a request to the mayor’s office of the resort of Pyatigorsk.

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