Pixie Fox, 30, has done over 200 surgeries and beauty treatments to look like the living little mermaid Ariel. In her biography: 4 mammoplasty, eyebrow lift, cheekbone cutting, many facial surgeries, eye color changes and even pubic hair transplantation on the eyelids to make eyelashes thicker. At one point, the doctors began to refuse Pixie in operations, she had a strong dependence. Nevertheless, she found a new doctor, and the last failed plastic almost brought her to the grave. In 2018, in Turkey, she almost died on the operating table. For a week, Pixie Fox fell into a coma, which led to serious brain damage. She disappeared for a long time from the show, where she was often invited, and from Instagram. At the end of 2019, Pixie admitted to fans that she now lives with her parents in Sweden. In October, the girl’s fans sounded the alarm, she disappeared, and no one can get in touch with her.