Pskovites are trying to impose the installation of paid energy meters

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People in Pskov villages are trying to impose the installation of expensive electricity meters. A message about this appeared in the group “Tin in Pskov” Vkontakte.

“Warn your parents, acquaintances, etc., now representatives of LLC are driving around the villages and pushing people to change without fail the electric meter, which they install for 4100 rubles. Plus they put two machines for 800 rubles each, and they give money without a check just an electrician for his work, – said in the message. – Unfortunately, our mother, 71 years old, fell for their services. “

Recall that from July 1, 2020, all Russians were released from the obligation to purchase and install electricity meters themselves. Now this will be dealt with by resource supplying organizations. “MK in Pskov” asked the specialist the most pressing questions on the topic.

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