Pskov travel agents: cashback from domestic tourism is useless

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Cashback from domestic tourism is useless. As the correspondent of “MK in Pskov” reports, the president of the Association of Tour Operators and Tourism Industry of the North-West “Astur” Gelena Samokhvalova announced this at a press conference on the state of the tourism industry in the Pskov Region, which takes place on August 7.

“This action is like a double-edged sword. It sounds nice, but it won’t help the industry. Why do I call this a stock? Because certain conditions must be met. It is more like a psychological impetus for Russians to travel within the country, ”she said.

According to the speaker, a ticket to Sakhalin costs 27 thousand one way, and if the whole family travels, you need 200 thousand just to get there. Russian Railways as a monopolist keeps high prices. Aviators, one way or another, do not go out to communicate with the tourism sector in terms of interaction. Here, without the help of the state, we will not develop anything.

“50% of our tour packages are transportation. Baikal from 15 thousand one way with transfers without luggage, ”Gelena Samokhvalova gave an example.

Recall that the Russian government has decided to return to the Russians part of the cost of domestic travel. For these purposes, 15 billion rubles have been allocated.

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