Pskov residents are invited to the exhibition of old New Year’s cards

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The people of Pskov are invited to an exhibition of Soviet New Year’s cards, which will be held in the foyer of the Pskov Regional Universal Scientific Library. The exposition will feature postcards from the private collection of Pskov Alexei Kostyukov “New Year’s Journey to the USSR”. This “MK in Pskov” was reported in the press service of the institution.

Also, visitors will be able to see more than a hundred postcards of different years of issue. The oldest exhibit dates back to 1944.

“This is a homemade postcard, well preserved, existing in a single copy. A smiling child is drawn on it in pencil – the image of the coming New Year, ”the library said.

The oldest post-war postcards are 66 years old.

The “highlight” of the exposition were postcards with drawings by Soviet artists, including the famous illustrator and cartoonist Vladimir Zarubin, who painted fairy-tale animals.

In total, the collection of Alexei Kostyukov contains about three and a half thousand postcards, of which more than one and a half thousand are on the New Year theme.

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