Prospekt Mashinostroiteley in Yaroslavl will begin to repair in winter

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The previously announced repair of Mashinostroiteley Avenue in the Zavolzhsky District of Yaroslavl is postponed until March 2021.

At the time of the auction, when the city authorities were choosing a contractor, it was reported that workers would go out to repair the avenue on August 17. However, now the mayor’s office says that the timing of the contractor’s entry to the facility is shifting. It is already known that the work as such will begin no earlier than October. During this time, the contractor will update the traffic lights. The second in line will be stormwaters. And only in March 2021 the roadbed repair will begin.

It is reported that the avenue will be repaired in stripes. complete overlap, there will be no traffic along the avenue.

In behind-the-scenes conversations, the employees of the mayor’s office explain the postponement by the fact that the contractor will first of all now finish the Dobryninsky overpass, and after that he will transfer his workers to repair the avenue.

Well, when there is one single “golden” contractor for all large objects in the city, then this happens. It seems that the repair of Mashinostroiteley Avenue may repeat the many months’ epic with the repair of the Tutaevskoye Highway.

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