Project of the production calendar 2021: how Novosibirsk residents will rest

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The calendar of weekends and holidays for 2021 has not yet been approved by the government of the country, but its draft has already appeared. You can look at your future work schedule and make plans for your vacation!

New Year’s holidays this year will again be long – 10 days. The country will go to work on Monday, January 11. The difference between the project of the production calendar for 2021 is the absence of a weekend transfer, so that February 23, Defender of the Fatherland Day, and November 4, National Unity Day, will be separated from two days off by one working day. May 1, Spring and Labor Day, May 9, Victory Day, and June 12, Russia Day, in 2021 fall on weekends and, accordingly, will give us additional rest on Mondays. The three-day weekend will be May 1-3, May 8-10 and June 12-14. Another three-day day off naturally happened from 6 to 8 March – International Women’s Day fell on the calendar on Monday.

The busiest working month will be December – only 8 days off and no holidays, 183 working hours (with a 40-hour working week). December 31 is a shortened working day, and whether it will be a day off, perhaps, like last year, will be left to the discretion of the regional authorities.

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